Glass Doors

Posted: June 3, 2009 in happened
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I heard this on TV:

Host: “Which of your 5 senses you can live without and why?”

Beauty Contestant: (Unsure)… “I guess I will choose my sense of humor or my common sense rather, because anyway, it’s common.”


I sneaked out of the office to attend a job interview. The HR manager plus two more personnel was already in the meeting room when I stepped in. The panel interview was tough, lots of hard-hitting questions thrown at me as I tried to deliver the best answer I can think of. It was intense and my confidence was not at all time high, making me feel more nervous and pressured. The realization that I had a job and not relying heavily on their approval to choose me made me want to pull a Harry Houdini to dodged those inquiries. The minute I got the cue that the interview was over I stood up, shook their hands, and immediately rushed to the door. Blag! I got thrown back. I was seeing stars and my mind was a blur as I asked myself ‘THE HELL WAS THAT!!?’ The glass door of the meeting room in front of me was still closed and I saw my face imprinted on it.

Noooooooo!!! This only happened in chick flick movies. I started to feel the pain, the stupidity, the embarrassment, the humiliation all in parallel together with my sense of humor. I can’t help but laughed at myself for being a klutz. The interviewers laughed as well, as I prayed to God, just this time, to make me vanish into thin air.

I returned to the office with a lump on my forehead and still seeing stars from the stunt I just pulled. My thoughts are filled with preposterousness. As far as I’m concerned they will be doing me a favor if they don’t hire me. I swore to myself that I will never, ever show my face in that office again. As I answered my phone that has been ringing like forever because my colleague from the next cubicle irritatingly motioned that my phone was ringing. God, I hope that episode did not make me deaf.

Me: Hello

Caller: Hi, This is XXX the HR Manager

Me: Hi XXX!

Caller: We like you. You passed the interview

Me; (happy) really, is it because I tried to walked through the glass doors, I’m Ok by the way.

Caller: (laughed) I hope you are. Are you available tomorrow to discuss some negotiations?

Me: Yes

CRAP!!!  I will need to show my face again after all…


  1. Yam says:

    Reading the title post, I thought of something methaphoric, and never did I thought of it as something literal hehehe

    first of all congratulations on a very successful stunt… *tongue in cheek 😛

    very awkward, and satisfyingly funny indeed, been to similar situations, but not as hilarious. Hope they didn’t have a CCTV and a @$$ of a security personnel or we might even see your episode on youtube. hehehe

    and oh, hope your ok 🙂

    • ellehctur says:

      Thanks Yam! I was fine the minute I heard they liked me and so far so good… I’m still working
      in the same company since that incident Oct 2008.

  2. Joy says:

    Ey congrats! 🙂 anymore vacancies??? haha

  3. Melissa says:

    It’s a good thing our friends were not there to support you with so much laughter!!! But I don’t think that’s the worst or let’s say the funniest experience you’ve ever had in your job application history…let me refresh your memory…

    Interviewer: Why Carl’s Jr?

    ellehctur: WHY NOT?

    That is freakin’ classic!!!

    • ellehctur says:

      Harharhar! I remember you and kukay cant stop laughing! but its ACA video. We got accepted and worked 1 day then never came back. It was our short lived career ever!

  4. ruel says:

    is it the ‘B’? 😀

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