Posted: June 4, 2009 in happened
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jot1My flat mate’s parents and 2-year old nephew named josh, vacation for a month in our place. During weekdays we left them because we have to go to work. We always bid goodbye to Josh and stressed we are going to the office.

One Saturday, I worked overtime; my flatmate called and asked me to join her family for dinner and they are already in the lobby of the building waiting for me. Going down the lobby as the elevator door opened I saw them waiting for me.

The next Saturday Josh was bugging me to go to the office and take him along. I was so surprised. I jjot2ust explained that I don’t have office because it’s Saturday. Josh kept crying and whining saying ‘let’s go office! ‘let’s go office!’

Instead of going to the office we took them to the mall. Walking around the mall we passed by an elevator. Josh pointed at it and looked at me and said ‘office!’, ‘office!’

From then on, every time Josh sees an elevator he always remarked it’s my office.

  1. brOwn_suGar says:

    nyahahahhaha! diko lam tong story na to ha..
    anyway, cool! 😉

  2. the disapproving sister says:

    Josh is in nursery school now, he’s smarter, wiser and funnier. He makes lots of remarks about everything and everybody! He also has a very sharp memory so i’m very curious to know if he still thinks that the lift is your office. hahahah.. i miss josh..

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