Posted: June 4, 2009 in The Colleague
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My officemates and I went to a bar with a live band one weekday. I introduced them to a place where I usually hanged out. They must have enjoyed the band because all of them danced and just jumped up and down with the music. One colleague of mine injured herself from bouncing. How the hell did that happened? I asked myself the same question. How someone can harm themselves just by hopping?  Beats me! I was outside when it happened. She complained of her knee so we decided to call it a night. The next morning my poor colleague SMS me.  

“Tell you what, I’m here in the clinic and the old lady released gas. All the people in the waiting room run outside except me because I can barely walk and my leg is paining. I’m sooo unlucky…”

  1. Yam says:

    talk about adding insult to injury.

    sugat na binudburan ng asin o calamasi hehe

  2. ruel says:

    wahaha.. wawa naman injured na nga.. nalanghap pa nya lahat.. panalo.. 😀

  3. ruel says:

    wahahaha.. wawa naman injured na ututan pa 😀

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