Posted: July 17, 2009 in Limericks
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“Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold” — Girl Scout Motto

There’s nothing average about my college friend named Jo. As Freshman College in a computer school our section moved together in packs. For extracurricular activity we looked for an organization we could belong. We all entered in this org that sounded like a Greek fraternity where the seniors always pulled a ‘power trip’ on us. Though we are freshies we felt we can do better. So we decided to ditched our application and build our own org and gave it a techy name, ‘systems analyst computer society’ where all of us are the officers. Jo went thru hell and back to make the org legal and be recognized by the school. He talked to the deans and did all the paper work, come school fair we had our own booth. To attract more members and produce funds we set up a dedication booth. it was all  good music and cheesy dedication messages. I remember going to school early and coming home late just to hang around to that booth. Jo is a killer coder; he can code everything and make it run without a glitch. Apart from being brilliant in programming he is a nice guy and a good friend… I don’t remember how we happened to meet each other. I don’t remember who got along with whom first. All I can remember is all of us together always organizing, thinking of ways to make  our college lives a blast!

Jo made this poem back in 1994. Thanks for letting me post this!

 -My friend sleeps on my lap-

You, my friend sleeps on my lap
like a lamb on a Pasteur green
you sleeps with life’s serenity
felt secured on my gentle knees

I run my fingers through your hair
and caressed your cheeks so meek
I dared to press my lips to yours
but somehow I could not do this

My heart broke when you whispered
a word that sounded like a name
a name that rang through my head
that made tears roll down my face

Why did I cry? I asked myself
Was it because there was something said?
Maybe because…there was something felt
a feeling I dare not tell…because…there’s someone else

You love this someone, and you are mine
Mine to hold…but not mine divine
For I am just a friend to you
Because u don’t know my feelings blue

You sleep soundly on my lap
while I cherish every moment that pass
for that is but all that I could do
as I bid my dreams…so long, adieu…

Of me you never had the slightest inclination
I loved you for everything you are
in my dreams…in my imagination…
As you my friend slept on my lap.

  1. Arnold "Jo" says:

    Thanks for posting my poem! How are you doing there in Singapore? I’m Very much flattered for the intro… email me thru my hotmail… i’ll give to you my office email addy. Take Care always Friend!

  2. ellehctur says:

    Glad you liked it Jo! I heard you’re a project manager to a corporration you are so aiming for the last time we talked. I believe you wrote this poem for a girl you ogled back in college..forgot her name…

  3. Amy says:

    Wow at last i heard something from Jo! I am not at all surprised Jo will make it to the top…from the first time I met him I knew he’s a brainy-let’s go for it-non-mediocre- guy…now if i can only remember the name of that girl..hmmm…ummm…it’s in the tip of my tongue..pakihugot ko pre hehehe….it’s Mary… something or at least starts with letter M.

  4. ellehctur says:

    Yeah its M but its Marife! It’s more than a decade since college ngayon ka pa gumawa ng loveteam at dadamay mo pa si Mary ha…harharhar

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