Posted: July 30, 2009 in Philippines
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Boracay Grotto

Boracay Grotto

Well, I was born in the sign of water
And it’s there that I feel my best
The albatross and the whales
They are my brothers
It’s kind of a special feeling
When you’re out on the sea alone
Staring at the full moon, like a lover
Time for a cool change
I know that it’s time for a cool change
— Cool Change, Little River Band

This song was always in my head whenever I get near the beach. Probably it’s because I’m a Pisces- born in the sign of water. So there’s the connection. Anyways, It’s hard for me to put into words why I like the beach so much especially Boracay. I have been there 3 times but nothing beats my first Boracay experience. It was Labor Day weekend of May 2001 we arrived late afternoon but the place was still happening in spite of the sun almost hiding in the horizon. The bars, the dinner and even just lounging at the beach front were fabulous.  The crystal clear water and the fine sand that’s comparable to a coffee creamer are awesome. Foreigners are in awe of this place and so am I. I remember one European asked me ‘have you ever seen such clear waters?’ The crowd are cool and in vacation mood. No ranting, no bitchiness. Nobody gives a damn of what you wear because less is absolutely more!  Celebs are walking around trying to blend in with the crowd and enjoying the sun.

Whenever I went for a swim I waited for 4pm to hit the water. By that time, the sun produced less heat and my fair skin will get less tan. In Boracay, I was in the water in midday.  I couldn’t care less if I’ll toast, I’m having too much fun. Island hopping and banana boat ride are the few activities I partake when I was there. Also, I loved that before going back to Manila we have to stop at Kalibo to have lunch at Minggoy’s. Life’s a beach!


Boracay is an Island in the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region.  According to Wikipedia It was only in the 70s when, it is said, a foreign movie crew accidentally “discovered” this island paradise. Others maintain that it was the German traveler, ‘Jens Peters’ book, which included rave reviews of Boracay that changed the island’s pace from that of being a quiet secret to eventually being voted as having the best beach in the world.

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