Posted: August 25, 2009 in Thailand
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Bangkok Skyline

Travelling is like an itch you can’t scratch you really need to go out of the country to sooth that prickling sensation. This was my 2nd travel after going to HK, the following year we went to Bangkok and booked a package tour.

The city of Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area and primary city of Thailand. We went to Safari World – a zoo that consists of two parks that is named Safari Park and Marine Park. Safari Park stretches about 8 kilometers long and a 45 minute drive through the park where there are a lot of wild animals. There is a Tiger and Lion feeding show. This zoo was out of the ordinary because the animals are not in cage, they are roaming wild and free while you sit inside a van all windows closed of course. The Marine Park houses a vast spectrum of animal of land, sea and air. The attractions are the Orang Utan boxing show, Sea Lion feeding show, Cowboy stunt show, Spy War and others. I recall going to a lot of temples and also went to Chatuchak usually refers to Chatuchak Weekend Market because it’s only open on weekend. A famous market where you can buy bargained items.

The night market around the city was also cool the style is to bargain and if the vendor did not give in walk away slowly. It’s almost always automatic he will call you back and hand over the item for the price you wanted. It was also fun seeing elephant walking in the street.

Our hotel was nearby MBK, a famous mall in the city. I recollect going to a movie for 800 Baht and watched I ROBOT. The movie house has a lounge with all you can eat finger foods and bottomless drinks. due to the costly price it’s not that crowded and inside you can seat on a recliner and massager chair with sterilized pillows, socks and blanket while food are being served by the waiter. It was an awesome experience I cannot forget because I loved movies, I loved going to the cinemas and this one was off the roof! Thailand has it in 2004 long before other neighboring countries have!

  1. umleo23 says:

    Hey thanks for the comments on my blog! ehehehehehe…

    Bangkok is one good place to visit! Most especially if you love historical places like big temples ehehehehe

    Love the gurls! Their simply Talented! ehehehe

  2. Artekfusion says:

    Some tips. NEVER ever trust a tuktuk driver as your tourist guide. They will just waste your time by forcing you to go to same kinds of shops (jewelry, tailored suits/dresses) that you don’t even want to go to. Better tell them the exact location and alight there. It’s not really hard to get another ride from one place to another even late at night. Just pick up a cab or tuktuk from where you left off. Don’t ask them about the opening and closing hours of the tourist spots they usually lie to get you to ride. It’s best to ask the reception inside the tourist center, check the net for schedules or ask the hotel’s reception you are staying in.

  3. the disapproving sister says:

    i enjoyed the thai massage at the hotel. had fun shooping at the MBK mall. and at that time, we were so fascinated with the reclining massage chair in the cinema! hahaha.. complete with pop corn, drinks, socks, blanket, pillow.. =D nice….

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