Swing Out Sister

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Concerts, Swing Out Sister
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Don’t stop to ask now you’ve found a break to make at last. You’ve got to find a way, say what you want to say. Breakout” – Breakout, SOS

I don’t care if my age is showing but I really like this duo and when I heard that they are in town for a one night concert I had to ditch my first plan of watching a homegrown artist who was also in town playing on the same date. The decision was very easy as the duo never had any hits since I last heard them in the late 80’s or when I was in sophomore high school. They are the Swing Out Sister they emerged during the great British invasion or the new wave era. It was the time where the brit invaded the hit chart and made it their home until Bon Jovi, Metallica, and GnR claimed the throne. Although their genre are considered pop, acid/smooth jazz. Wavers love them just the same. So if you are attending secondary or primary schooling in the late 80’s and haven’t heard of them or their music… you’re probably in hiatus or living under the rock somewhere as you missed half of your life…only those who were in high school in the era of boy bands, black eyed peas, and Beyonce are excused!

Their origin was Manchester, England the duo consist of Andy Connell, guitar and former fashion designer slash model Corinne Drewery. The name came from a 1945 movie entitled ‘Swing Out, Sister’, they chose the name because it was the only thing the band could agree on, in that they all hated it. The Kaleidoscope World album released in 1989 was their best album ever and made them popular even in the US.

December 16 2009 – The concert was held on the beach side and the music was smooth and jazzy as they are playing it acoustic. Though during the course of the session technical difficulty occurs it never dampen the spirit of the crowd as the group continued singing and we grooved along in the low volume tune speaker. But all was fair as they repeat the songs Break Out and You on My Mind coming to an end of their concert. It was money well spent even if they never perform ‘Waiting Game’ – one of my favorite songs.

As always, it was a blast watching live performances especially from artist I loved while I was growing up. I just always found myself back in time where I was listening to their songs and loving it and for once, never crossed my mind that I’m going to see or heard them live… priceless moments! Sweet!

  1. the disapproving sister says:

    awwwww, i so envy you guys.. i am too sorry i missed the concert. this food poisoning thing sucks! what perfect timing, grrr.. anyways, am glad you had fun seeing them perform live..

  2. the brOwn_oNe says:

    im sure u enjoyed it the M.O.S.T…

    break..break..break..breakout…. 😉


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