Strips, Hot Dogs, and The Grand Canyon?

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Las Vegas, USA
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This famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign was created in 1959

“Shut up and put your money where your mouth is that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas” –Katy Perry

Nov 16-17  staying  in LA at my aunt and uncle’s place, they took us for an overnight stay in Las Vegas. These folks frequent the sin city as it was near to LA and they have membership in the hotel casino where they can avail the room for free. Another all expense paid trip – I don’t know if it’s just me and muah friends are such free loaders or the people in US are very generous?  One thing for sure, we really do appreciate the gestures and God bless them all for being a blessing to us.

The road trip as usual was a sore but the dessert scenery was grand. Once we reached the hotel we just ate lunch and wasted the whole afternoon in the outlet for another shop till you drop activity.

At nightfall we visited the strip, it was freezing so we just stayed  inside of the hotel lobby until 2am. Las Vegas Strip is a portion of Las Vegas Boulevard South that houses most of the largest and most important entertainment buildings including casinos, hotels and resorts.

We decided to retire early as my cousin wanted to take us to see Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, that was 3 hours drive after Vegas. We are still contemplating on the idea, having travelled to NY by plane, San Fo and Vegas on a road trip our enthusiasm on seeing more of America was getting less and less because of the long drive.  We just then let the idea hang in there while we put our body to rest.

Sun up came and we arrived on a decision to fritter the day away in another outlet . So yeah, don’t throw stone at us because we decided to exchange Calvin Klein, 7 for all mankind, True Religion, Juicy Couture, Hollister, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, etc for a a ride  to Arizona and to see the 3rd wonder of the world that is ‘Grand Canyon’.  I know this sound stupid now, but believe me if you sit your butt to tour point A and Point B in this country – your ass would probably start to speak and get pissed at you! So anyway, no regrets, there’s always a next time… I still have 7 years validity on my passport and more friends to visit.

Strolling at the Las Vegas Boulevard on a freezing night was awesome. The glitz and glam of unrivaled proportions of the billboards and to bask in its glow was just wicked!  We watched the fountain show in front of Bellagio (just like the last scene from Ocean 11), visited Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, and Caesar’s Palace



Pink’s Hotdog

We had Pink’s Hotdog for dinner. It was actually a landmark hot dog restaurant in the Hollywood district of the city of Los Angeles but since the queue there is  always long, duh! like 4 hours waiting time just to taste this hotdog, we reckoned to try it here in Vegas. So what made this hotdog  famous was Hollywood celebrities queuing for it and sometimes they can be seen at the restaurant as well. Inside, there are many signed celebrity photographs hanging on the walls, some have signed more than one photo. The celebrity-named hot dogs are often versions actually ordered by the person in question, such as the “Martha Stewart Dog” with mustard, relish, onions, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut, bacon, and sour cream. So there you go, it was tasty but i still want my tender and juicy -wink! wink!

So here’s the best compliment I ever got moment… At Pink’s Hotdogs in Las Vegas, I ordered for a beer. The cashier asked for my ID to see if I was legal to drink. My friends all laughed when they saw me handing her my ID and she was smiling when she returned it back to me –I was born 1974! Nyahahahaha!

Given the chance I would like to hang about for a few more days in this neon city and stay at those fancy hotels just to witness  drunk bride and groom married in a chapel, watch all that Broadway shows and concerts, pace the strips until my feet sore, and win that ‘slut’ machine! Viva Las Vegas!

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