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“It may be little, it may be big, but surprises happen when you least expect it. Take what life gives you. Delight it and enjoy it.”— L. R. Haake

According to Wikipedia the traditional etymology of the month April  is from the Latin aperire, “to open,” in allusion to its being the season when trees and flowers begin to “open,”   April’s birthstone is diamond, which symbolizes innocence and also the hardest substance on the planet. Its birth flower is daisy and sweet pea.

Here’s what I know about the month of April – The first day of the month is April fool’s day, when everyone gets to be a joker for at least part of the day. Also, it’s Tax season, the observance of Holy week and Easter Sunday (depending on the year).  William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 and he died on the same day, in 1616. The Titanic sank after striking an iceberg on April 15, 1912 on the same date Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the smartest men in history, was born on 1452. Last but not the least, it’s the birthday month of Ramil (April 8), Cris (April 1/9), Sugar (April 22), and Badet (April 23)

It’s the year of surprises. It started with Lemon’s birthday March 11. We just thought of throwing him one just to make his day and to make the day exciting for all of us. For this kind of trick, the venue was essential – he always bugged us to go to Timbre Substation every Friday for our usual end of the work week activity but the queue is always long and we always end up in Chijmes and other bars.

I got mine March 19, 2011. Coming home, it was dark but the air-con was on – that was a giveaway but it was too late, the reverberating word ‘surprise’ followed. Friends were there, the living room was spanking clean, balloons and wall decors were all over the place… priceless! I cannot believe my mother was on it and my sisters as well…Yeap, just like in the movies. Two surprises in a lifetime must be good karma for me.  The first one was a top notch –It was a McDonald’s birthday surprise party- adult playing the parlour games and I had burglar for a mascot. This is off my bucket list definitely! –Thanks Friends!

Revenge is sweet and not fattening– come April there are 4 people going to celebrate their birthdays. For the mama’s and the papa’s who made love on September the result is an April offspring and  yes, got 4. We decided to give the surprise in one go, pick one date and plan the blow. As mentioned earlier ‘venue was essential’, we decided a condo amenity where no one from the group resides so we asked help from a colleague outside our group to book us the barbecue pit and lucky us, they have theatre room as well. When it was all confirmed we arranged ‘the lure’ for all of them. We decided that the timing should be on separate hour so as not to ruin the…tadah….SURPRISE!!!

Chivalry was never dead for Cris Sison. He was the go to guy for our laptop and computer issues, very ‘techy’ dude. Apart from that he’s very helpful and ever willing to give assistance but we were appalled when he didn’t take the bait when 2 of our guy friends invited him for a ‘supposed’ photo shoot. The brain child of this brouhaha had to step up to move him. We had to create a drama – a damsel in distress thingy that is need of a hero – I told him I need his help because a friend is not paying up and I need a guy friend to come with me to  their condo  just in case the husband intervene. He gladly conformed and fell from our trap…Gotcha!

separated at birth

I can’t help watching Glee and not be reminded of Ramil Oliveros. He is Cris Colfer looked like– refer to photo attached somewhat turned into ‘bitch stole my look’ segment of Fashion Police on E!  But in this case it became ‘bitch stole my face’. His Favourite quotes “it’s better to hate me for being REAL me, than liking me for being someone i PRETEND to be” An artist by occupation, he is a landscape designer. He can cook, he can sing and he showers a lot 2 or 3 times a day. Our accomplice never had a hard time inviting him he was game for a photo shoot. Come afternoon, He was pissed as it was raining. We can still hear him complaining for dragging his ass into the rain just as we went out from behind the barbecue pit for the surprise… Gotcha! Check out his stuff,…

Bernadette Secillano the CPA who worked hard and played even harder. Badet is a very cool and collected gal. She is very fun to be with and loved to be out partying. Our accomplice and her flatmate was really stressed dragging her to the venue  at one point he just wanted to give up and just spill the beans just  to make her come. Her flatmates actually joined forces so as not to ruin the surprise and after few hours more of waiting and tagging she arrived half way of the movie.

Sharmila Castrojas or Sugar as we casually called her likes all things Korean especially those Kpop bands and music. She’s an energizer bunny, she arranged her own after party. She can still go clubbing even after dinner or movie. She was the only celebrants with visitor and it was her boss. We never had a problem with her, our accomplice was her sister who asked her to accompany her to a gathering and she was good to go. Problem was she has a spa and facial appointment that day so she arrived at the few scenes of the movie and the boss’ comments ‘Sharmila’s late even in her own party’.

  1. the bwOwn_oNe says:


    best-est surprise everrrr!!! kamsahamnida chingus! (thanks friends) =P

    til our next surprise..wooooooooooooooooooooooot!

  2. onelfreeman says:


  3. the disapproving sister says:

    As usual, great blog, nice read.

  4. ps_splashly says:

    ❤ great blog! awesome like planet Saturn… ^^, thumbs up!!! clap!clap! 

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