Mime Dance

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Just so you know...
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I saw this in you tube’ and reminded me of the experience I had in the early 90’s.  I was still studying back then and my friends invited me to attend a so called ‘afternoon disco’. I cannot believe I used the term ‘disco’ now I feel so ancient. It’s the same us clubbing but held in the late afternoon until midnight. This happening catered for students and younger audience therefore tickets and drinks are not that pricey.  There are a handful of discothèque who held this event, I remember that the disco-houses will sell their tickets and back then it’s not just an ink in your wrist or stub. Tickets back then are full of graphics, the event title was the latest dance craze that time i.e. dying inside, stars, and always, make it easy, etc. I attended ‘ Kalapana’s disco version of ‘The Hurt’ in the ticket the graphic will show a bleeding heart stabbed by a knife or at least that’s what I remembered. The afternoon disco goers collect these tickets like a trophy to show off how many times they’ve frequent these events.

Though it was broad daylight outside, inside it was dim so party people would feel the effects and the strobe lights that are following the DJ’s beat. Actually, if you are not looking at your ‘swatch’ watch  you will lose a sense of time and would feel an oversight that it’s way past your curfew and your parents are probably looking for you to whoop your sorry ass for staying out late,  that’s how shady the place was.

The crowd and the moves was the crux of the event and it’s as if as though everyone knows every Tom, Dick, and Harry of the dance floor and when the music played everybody was in chorus interpreting the song like the mime. I felt out of place and I felt like I was deaf trying to read all that sign languages made by all those people dancing while following the lyrics of the song and stirring on the beat. The dance moves and sign languages were not in verbatim of the lyrics there’s some comedic interpretations to it that’s make it fun to watch and interesting. Also you can’t invent your own move, you just can’t otherwise, you will look stupid, and the party people were in unison and in chorus of every song. One thing though, up to now I still can’t figure out what they were yelling in unison after the lyrics of REM’s Losing my Religion…I thought I heard you laughing… Everybody goes ha! ha! Ha! I thought that I heard you scream….  Crowd said something blurry to me… Also, let’s not forget that famous ‘ledge’ where the exceptional dancers dared claimed their place for the night to be seen by all and to take the lead.

Somewhere in the web you will read that the venue of these afternoon discos’ was coined by Disco-goers that time as “the squatter of discos” mainly because the place was not located in the business district. They said the disco played “out-of-style” disco music, and people who frequented the place were young fashion victims. Well, whatever! I was a student back then and I have limited resources to entertain myself. All I can say, I’m glad I experienced it before I experienced Zu and Euphoria.

I cannot find similar events to give you a good idea of the rave moves this should suffice:

In Singapore, when I attended a Zouk Out party a few years back I noticed that some of the ledge dancers and  party people dancing on the top of the speakers was making the same move when an oldie song was played. It’s similar to this video. Taken on retrolicious concert I attended few months back. (The intro was long sorry but check out the dance moves of the winning contestants).


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