“I wrote quite a lot while we were touring, which was something I really enjoyed, it was really nice that after a gig, in the middle of all the chaos I’d be away in a corner with a guitar, writing about what I was feeling. Being famous and having people screaming at you doesn’t make me happy, but writing a song does.” – Dolores O’Riordan

In 1990 Dolores O’Riordan auditioned and won the role of lead singer for a band called ‘The Cranberry Saw Us’. An Irish rock band formed in Limerick, Ireland in 1989 advertise for a female singer that she auditioned by writing lyrics and melodies to some existing demos. When she returned with a rough version of “Linger”, the group hired her. Later on the band changed the name to ‘The Cranberries’ the band consists of vocalist Dolores O’Riordan, guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan and drummer Fergal Lawler. Their music was alternative rock

Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan (born 6 September 1971) led The Cranberries to worldwide success and fame for 13 years. Throughout the ’90s, O’Riordan was recognized for her changing hairstyles, from shoulder-length to very short crop in myriad colours and shades. The band released five albums: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? (1993), No Need to Argue (1994), To the Faithful Departed (1996), Bury the Hatchet (1999) and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (2001) and a greatest-hits compilation entitled Stars – The Best of 1992 – 2002 (2002), before they went on hiatus in 2003.

After the release of a first single, “Dreams” in September 1992, The Cranberries proposed their debut album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, in March 1993. Neither the album nor the single gained much attention, nor did a second single, “Linger” thanks to MTV for the exposure.

In 2004 Dolores O’Riordan has been collaborating on a number of musical projects, before launching her solo career with the album Are You Listening? In 2007, following it with No Baggage in 2009. The Cranberries reunited in January 2009.

O’Riordan distinct voice and The Cranberries music defined the sound of the 90’s. I was in awe watching her live and how her powerful vocal chords made no difference listening to their CDs or watching her performed in the flesh.  It’s a snap tripping to concerts and don’t end up disappointed, makes my money and my time all worthwhile. They sang all their hits and then some I felt they lived up to everyone’s expectations with their immense stage presence and dishing out songs from both their older and newest and when the encore came to a close and it’s done the memory of this event will definitely linger…

Facts about O’Riordan:

  1. In 2006, O’Riordan was listed among the ten richest women in Ireland.
  2. She’s an admirer of the late Pope John Paul II. After meeting him inside Vatican City, O’Riordan remarked: “[He] was lovely, very saintly. I was mad about him. I thought he really cared for the poor and he loved to meet the people. I saw him when he came to Limerick, when I was a kid. So it was pretty mind-blowing to take my mum out to meet him.
  3. She made a cameo appearance in the Adam Sandler comedy Click, released on 23 June 2006, as a wedding singer performing an alternate version of The Cranberries’ song “Linger”, set to strings.
  4. She usually performs barefoot on stage
  5. Though a non-practicing catholic she’s pro-life

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