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“The whole idea of my music now is honesty and really being who I am. It’s not really something I decide, and it’s not something that you learn.” — Jim Brickman

I finally got to see Jim Brickman live over the weekend. In the past few years I kept missing his show. Few years back, I was in Genting Highlands, Malaysia and noticed his posters there. He will be having a series of concert a month after my stay and I contemplated on going back there just to catch him live but the long road trip back kept me from my impulsive senses.

This songwriter and Sex in the City John Corbett looked-a-like is now “America’s romantic piano sensation” well,  that’s according to him. He was rubbing this to his audience the whole night as a joke. He is the only composer (apart from David Foster)  I know who gets the fame from a hit song when usually, the singer takes all the credit,  brilliant career  move if you asked me and with that he has 6 albums in Gold and Platinum status.

His concert was indeed dreamy and compelling. He tells jokes ans stories after performances and sees to it that the connection was always open between him and his audience. I like how he ends his piece with so much drama and consistency. His head tilted down, looking away from the crowd and putting both hands gently swaying to his left. It was amusing watching him as the man stressing his signature move and it added for his considerable stage charm.

As I mentioned, there’s a lot of chit-chat after every repertoire and here are the items I remembered: He started playing the piano at the age of 5 and did vocal collaborations with artists such as Michael W. Smith, Martina McBride, Donny Osmond, Olivia Newton-John, Lady Antebellum. On one of the Muppets milestone anniversary presentation, he got the chance to do a duet with his favorite Muppet character, Kermit the frog and he actually repeat the same duet performance to us changing his voice to Kermit once in while singing “Rainbow Connection” He was actually good doing a duet alone and mimicking Kermit’s voice while playing the piano at the same time. In addition, he did mentioned he was asked by Disney to arranged a song about how would the prince feel seeing Cinderella for the first time and the outcome was “Beautiful” — this was the title of the song. For his hits with lyrics he was accompanied by guest vocalist John Trones and Singapore’s own singer Michaela Therese but I like that he sang “Simple Things” on his own.

Separated @ birth John Corbett (sex in the city) and Jim Brickman

This was a sit-back-relax concert and Esplanade was a fitting venue for the romantic night. You don’t have to stand up or shout out the lyrics to participate and have fun while connecting to the artist. You will be entertained just by sitting, just but listening. Every tap of the piano keys and rhapsodic melodies was simply soothing that somehow  you will finally understood what it means when they say music is the food of the soul.