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Posted: February 7, 2014 in Gstaad, Switzerland
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“I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas: It brings people together while time stands still..”. – Rachel Cohn, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

Yodel-eh-hee-hoo! I swear you will yodel the same if you find yourself waking up at the snow-cap mountain view of Switzerland. Today we are scheduled to go to a mountain ski resort and for someone in her entire life that never experience snow, I am sooo freakin out with excitement!!!!

On the way to Glacier 3000 Diablerets ( our tour guide was elaborately explaining to us the meaning of the word ‘glacier’. It’s more like he is trying to get the idea into our thick skull not to miss out the detail that glacier is not just snow but made up of fallen snow  over many years and compresses into thickened ice. Each year, new layers of snow bury and compress the previous layers. This compression forces the snow to re-crystallize, causing the snow to slowly compact and increase in density. So thanks to the glacier it’s a ‘year round’ ski destination not just for tourist like me but according to wiki Gstaad is known as a major ski resort and a popular destination amongst the high society and the international jet set. Also, this is the home of the world’s most prestigious and academically intensive boarding schools, such as Institute Le Rosey and Gstaad International School. Well, well, well I don’t mind to be part of that elite group and rub elbows with trust fund babies at all!

The drive to this German-speaking village part of Switzerland was breath taking. It is like pictures in the calendar, unspoiled natural environment came alive before your very eyes. The wide ranging on-piste terrain mountaintop was accessible by cable car, gondola and chair lifts and the ride was as perfect and wonderful as the unclouded climate that we are having that day. There are plenty of activities like the Siberian husky ride for 10 euro but I regret doing. I know the huskies loved their job of pulling people around a big loop on the sled but I really feel for them. Snow slide riding on a big bubble donut and doing a snow angel as seen in the movies – lying on my back and moving one’s arms up and down, and one’s legs from side to side, to form the shape of an angel. And eat of course; our lunch was covered with the best ambiance but no ice cream for me.

Days before going up to the mountain our tour manager kept checking the weather forecasts. He relate to us his crazy vision that while out for activity the sun will be all shining and while having lunch, the snow will fall. It happened once in his many tours and  he did pray our group will experience the same. No luck though, but  we still considered ourselves lucky because the next day, another tour group scheduled to go up there was ill-fated because of the snow storm.

The top of the mountain was all white and when you look up to the sky it was all blue. It was so heavenly, I have never seen white and I never seen blue until I stepped on this mountain of Gstaad. Breathing the air surrounded by the slippery snow, touching the ice and feeling the chill on my cheek was just an astounding experience. Somehow this lyrics from a church song kept playing in my head ‘though your sins be red as crimson, I will turn them white as snow’. I never really grasped the words but now I fully understood how white, fresh, and illuminating the snow can be. I have a tendency to associate the mountains and the beauty of nature with God. There’s a huge difference on the mere sight of it in photographs than being there …it’s heavenly. You will not just be content in telling yourself that this splendour was formed by chance or the big bang. Surely, you will say only God can create such awesomeness!