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I was working from home one day. I sent an email to everyone involved in the project to keep them in the loop of my status. My colleague who was included in the email thread was absent due to her being unwell. We are aware of her illness and her frequent trips to the the clinic every now and then. The project was really a handful and everybody in the team are so busy but her out of office reply was very timely.


I’m out of patient. I will not be in the the office today and I have limited phone and email access.

Please contact XXXX for any urgent matters



Translation: My colleague meant outpatient – a patient who does not reside in the hospital to be treated, one who is visiting a physician for a routine check-up



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My officemates and I went to a bar with a live band one weekday. I introduced them to a place where I usually hanged out. They must have enjoyed the band because all of them danced and just jumped up and down with the music. One colleague of mine injured herself from bouncing. How the hell did that happened? I asked myself the same question. How someone can harm themselves just by hopping?  Beats me! I was outside when it happened. She complained of her knee so we decided to call it a night. The next morning my poor colleague SMS me.  

“Tell you what, I’m here in the clinic and the old lady released gas. All the people in the waiting room run outside except me because I can barely walk and my leg is paining. I’m sooo unlucky…”

Coke as to soda

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The team decided to eat out together on a Friday night. We went to this fancy Korean restaurant. We ordered chicken, pork, veg, etc. The guys ordered beer and it was just coke for me. The bill came and my colleague picked up the tab and remarked she will just email the bill next week since it is a Dutch treat.

Come Monday we received the email with subject ‘expense damage’. She itemized the order for the transparency of the computation just so, for being fair. Usually, I don’t check the computations, I just pay what is due to me and get on with my so called life…but somehow this one I can’t help but noticed and more so, inquired.

Me: I just want to confirm your email

Colleague: oh yeah your coke is very expensive!

Me: Really? 23$ for a coke. Can I see the receipt?

Colleague: Sure (handing the receipt to me)

Me: scanning the receipt

Beer…. $10.00

Soda…  $ 3.00



Hey, my coke is just 3$

Colleague: its 23$ it said there see… collar $23…your coke-a-collar?

Me: Ohh… (Concealing my grin)…My coke is the soda and the collar is the pork we ordered. Collar is the part of the pork they served. (I really have to explain)


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jot1My flat mate’s parents and 2-year old nephew named josh, vacation for a month in our place. During weekdays we left them because we have to go to work. We always bid goodbye to Josh and stressed we are going to the office.

One Saturday, I worked overtime; my flatmate called and asked me to join her family for dinner and they are already in the lobby of the building waiting for me. Going down the lobby as the elevator door opened I saw them waiting for me.

The next Saturday Josh was bugging me to go to the office and take him along. I was so surprised. I jjot2ust explained that I don’t have office because it’s Saturday. Josh kept crying and whining saying ‘let’s go office! ‘let’s go office!’

Instead of going to the office we took them to the mall. Walking around the mall we passed by an elevator. Josh pointed at it and looked at me and said ‘office!’, ‘office!’

From then on, every time Josh sees an elevator he always remarked it’s my office.

Glass Doors

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I heard this on TV:

Host: “Which of your 5 senses you can live without and why?”

Beauty Contestant: (Unsure)… “I guess I will choose my sense of humor or my common sense rather, because anyway, it’s common.”


I sneaked out of the office to attend a job interview. The HR manager plus two more personnel was already in the meeting room when I stepped in. The panel interview was tough, lots of hard-hitting questions thrown at me as I tried to deliver the best answer I can think of. It was intense and my confidence was not at all time high, making me feel more nervous and pressured. The realization that I had a job and not relying heavily on their approval to choose me made me want to pull a Harry Houdini to dodged those inquiries. The minute I got the cue that the interview was over I stood up, shook their hands, and immediately rushed to the door. Blag! I got thrown back. I was seeing stars and my mind was a blur as I asked myself ‘THE HELL WAS THAT!!?’ The glass door of the meeting room in front of me was still closed and I saw my face imprinted on it.

Noooooooo!!! This only happened in chick flick movies. I started to feel the pain, the stupidity, the embarrassment, the humiliation all in parallel together with my sense of humor. I can’t help but laughed at myself for being a klutz. The interviewers laughed as well, as I prayed to God, just this time, to make me vanish into thin air.

I returned to the office with a lump on my forehead and still seeing stars from the stunt I just pulled. My thoughts are filled with preposterousness. As far as I’m concerned they will be doing me a favor if they don’t hire me. I swore to myself that I will never, ever show my face in that office again. As I answered my phone that has been ringing like forever because my colleague from the next cubicle irritatingly motioned that my phone was ringing. God, I hope that episode did not make me deaf.

Me: Hello

Caller: Hi, This is XXX the HR Manager

Me: Hi XXX!

Caller: We like you. You passed the interview

Me; (happy) really, is it because I tried to walked through the glass doors, I’m Ok by the way.

Caller: (laughed) I hope you are. Are you available tomorrow to discuss some negotiations?

Me: Yes

CRAP!!!  I will need to show my face again after all…