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“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it.” – Rafiki to Simba

Shoot me now! Not because I dozed off nearing the highlights of the show,  it’s because I was late again and missed the opening of The Lion King Musical (the curse of Ms Saigon strikes again). I lose consciousness in the part where they are singing “Can you feel the love tonight” and I missed the “Circle of life” portion of the show. My friend can’t imagine how I can sleep when the air-condition in the Marina bay sucked- big time!  I was perspiring like I was part of the act and performed in the musical when I’m just seated there watching (err… sleeping) –   Was it because Lion King’s broad way musical theme was African? — the theater was humid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this broad way musical sucked because it sends me to oblivion. For your information,  I woke up very early that morning and didn’t get any snooze in the afternoon as I was out the whole day. I wanted to see this show, it’s highly recommended by a friend of mine who watched it twice in different cities, Toronto and NY. I fought a hard battle with my eyelids before I passed out. I tried to keep my eyes open though I can feel my senses going, going…gone … the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Anyway, it was my loss… but on with the show… Lion King was a grand musical that will fill your senses and make you feel like you are right there in Africa!! (Probably that’s why the air condition is off). Honestly, this is an awesome show they manage to transformed the cartoon movie into a real broad way musical. The props, costumes, puppets are intelligently crafted and imaginatively prepared to capture the  wild’s perspective for the audience in a standard size stage play. The story line is the same as the movie so the characters- Simba, Timon, Pumba, and Uncle Scar, was still intact. The scenic effects are almost beyond description – The scenes that wowed me was the stampede, the dramatic fall effect of Simba’s father and Scar’s dialogue “Long live the king.” The animals walking in the horizon coming near in full view was just awesome and excellent! The actors and mask/puppets was clearly visible to the audience, it was a visual feast indeed! The ensemble were spectacular and the entire cast had amazing vocals. The stand-up comedy humour was a big plus, I know it’s an international act but they have inserted local dialogues to make the act funny and the jokes hilarious so Singapore audience can relate.

All I can say about this show was simply spectacular – show was totally enthralling, cast, stage, costumes were absolutely amazing… I will love to see it again… I have to…