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“We can dance until we die, you and I…we’ll be young forever!” – Teenage Dream Lyrics, Katy Perry

I stopped listening to music in the mid 90’s, somewhere after the album  ‘Keep The Faith’ or ‘Jagged Little Pill’ my ears was never updated with the latest hits and  when I get the chance to listen to music, I go back  to the old songs. As per Simon Le Bon ‘I feel sorry for the ’90s, because it was never able to be anything much more than the hangover to the party that was the ’80s.’ But even in the 2000’s, music seems just lost its mojo for me.

Being here in Singapore gave me a chance to finally catch up and attend concerts of the eighties greats, though I’m 20 years late, I can’t still passed the opportunity to listen and see them perform live. So imagine my surprise when I found myself watching an artist whose contralto vocals was never been played on cassette tape, juke box, or turn table. After witnessing her performed live in Singapore Formula 1 Race last September 23, 2012 and watching her biopic-concert film Part of Me- I have nothing but so much love for Katy Perry!!!

I must admit that her girly style and melody did not catch my eyes and ears at first.  My impression of her packaging was intended for teenagers as I can’t make out her style whether she’s current or a reminiscent of whichever decade. Looking at her just makes me all confused, I was already having a hard time telling her apart from that actress, Emily Blunt or was it Zooey Dechanel?. I snubbed her concert tour here because simply, I’m not interested. It took a while for me to embrace her knack of music and candy colour wardrobe which was given the chance of constantly watching and listening she just eventually grows in you.  After watching too much glee and friends fancied her music, slowly but surely I succumb to the ditty of this singer slash songwriter named Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

She’s an inspiration to all those struggling to find their place in this world and wanting their dreams to realize because she never had it easy but through it all she came out victorious. Enveloped with such talents at an early age she was brave enough to trudge forward and claimed her destiny. You can sense the truth in her lyrics. I reckoned her works are reflections of who she is and what she feels, as I read online that “I Kissed a Girl” was inspired by her attraction to Scarlett Johansson because according to her, she is “a classic beauty” who possesses the “1940s pin-up look”

As both of her parents are pastors, she listened to gospel music growing up she had no reference for outside music but her biopic cited Alanis Morrissette and the late Queen singer Freddy Mercury as influences. Seven years after her failed attempts at fame, she ditched the religious market and created the sexy alter-ego Katy Perry. Well she opted for Katy Hudson but it sounded too close to actress Kate Hudson, so she became Katy Perry instead, using her mother’s maiden name.

What I like about KP was even if you stripped her of her talents and her fame, she has her VALUES and that Jesus tattoo on her wrist she inked at age 18 was according to her, a reminder of where she came from. She made chart history in 2011 by becoming the first female artist to have five Billboard Hot 100 number ones from the same album. Surely, even my out-dated taste of music and obsolete ears can’t ignore that!