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“Help me, I think I’m falling.
It’s not the love and I quest the why.
I don’t know, If I’m right, I’m right.
But if I’m wrong then show me I’m wrong.
The fear of pity is always awake.
But infinite sympathy is completely gone.
It’s the windows, the doors, the passageways to the truth.”
– Looking Through Patient Eyes, PM Dawn

One mid May 2010 I decided to spend my weekend in my hometown and very timely 9 foreign acts will be there for a concert. I just saw the ad on TV the morning I arrived. It’s the “Then & Now Massive Music Festival 2010” @ the mall of Asia Concert ground. The following artists are: Jojo, All-4-One, PM Dawn, Diana King, Baby bash, Frankie J, SWV, TQ, and V factory. My interest was Jojo, PM Dawn, SWV the rest are just added bonus.

So I grabbed my best bud and decided to check out this event. We went to Green hills to meet an old friend and went to the venue. As always driving in Manila was so confusing and being disoriented and unfamiliar to where I’m heading is not a help either so I ended up with a violation for positioning myself on a wrong lane.

Next stop – the tickets, so how do you secure tickets without going online and make booking? Easy, find a scalper – these are colloquial terms used to refer to individuals selling tickets on the street or other nearby public places outside a venue or event. In British English, one who resells tickets is often called a tout. These guys have innate power to distinguish among the crowds who has tickets and who has none. As soon as we are approaching the venue a guy looking our way offered us the tickets. We got the best deal and it’s near the stage.

So it’s supposed to start at 8 pm like Duh! That’s going to happen! I lived in this place, many people here struggle with punctuality and most of them are the event organizer. Never had I attended any event here that started on the dot (except for Miss Saigon where I was late and didn’t get to see the first part of the play)! Of course, I don’t curse this people or make me want to throw stones at them. I too have the same flaky attitude. When in Rome do as the Romans do, so when in the Philippines everything starts Filipino Time, which means things get done whenever they get done. But seriously, this tardiness thing has a tendency to be a lifelong pattern. Now that I’m exposed to other culture I just realized why being on time is so important and apart from that, I just hates it when people are later than me!

Alas, it started after an hour and half… there was a front act but sorry I didn’t note who he was. I was bored to death of waiting that I wasn’t mindful if he performed within the hour and half or after that.

V Factory – This is a boy band group, one guy is from the movie fame and the other is not there because he’s acting in Glee.

TQ – Terrance Quaites known professionally as TQ. The summer of 1998 saw TQ notch his first hit with “Westside”

Diana King – A reggae fusion singer-songwriter who specifically performed a mixture and fusion of R&B, reggae, pop and dancehall. She was born to a Jamaica Indian mother and an African father. Famous for her first single “Shy Guy” and her cover version of the song “I Say a Little Prayer” featured on the soundtrack to the film My Best Friend’s Wedding and the infectious “L-L-LIES”.

PM Dawn – American hip hop/R&B musical group, formed by brothers Attrell Cordes (a.k.a. Prince Be, sometimes credited as Prince Be the Nocturnal) and Jarrett Cordes (a.k.a DJ Minutemix or J.C. the Eternal) in 1988 in Jersey City, New Jersey.

I loved their hit song “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”, which sampled the Spandau Ballet song “True”, and featured a cameo by Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley in the music video of the song. “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”. Also, P.M. Dawn contributed the single “I’d Die Without You” to the 1992 Eddie Murphy comedy Boomerang and its soundtrack and the poetic song “Looking Through Patient Eyes”

PM Dawn on stage represented by Doc Gee as he announced his partner Prince Be is at home in the USA recovering from a stroke. He commended song to Francis Magalona and went down the stage to the audience area and gave red roses.

Original Video:

So that’s it! That’s all I got from there. Due to an early flight tomorrow and from getting myself all tired up from waiting we decided to go home. I didn’t get to see Jojo (one of my reason coming there in the first place), SWV (another reason). Baby Bash, Frankie J, and All 4 One.   What is up with the sound system? There’s a lot of disruption when artists are performing. I know this is unavoidable and stuff like this happened to live shows but this happened a lot in that show??!!! What a bummer that I didn’t finish the show because it started late !arrggghhh!!!

Filipino Time -According to Urban dictionary

1. Means always late … a Filipino culture … it’s like always coming late to a meeting … especially in parties or when friends are going out … most of the time 1 hour late or even more … and when you call them they will lie that they are on their way already and almost there … but the fact is that they are still @ home getting prep up…

Pinay 1: (on the phone) where are you already you’re already an hour late?

Pinay 2: (still getting dressed @ home) I’m on my way there I’m near already…

Pinay 1: Ok! Make haste!

2. If you  set up a party for 6:00. This is interpreted as 7:00 Filipino time. In some cases, Filipino hosts deliberately set the time an hour or so earlier, knowing that the guests will arrive an hour or so late. In this case, the poor Americans are surprised to see that they’re the first ones to arrive and the only ones there for the first hour or so.